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[   ]1100_56_Data Acquisition Software_Clodic Guillaume.pdf2.1M
[   ]1120_46_SDN-EMODNET-ODIP_Dick Schaap.pdf5.5M
[   ]1140_24_Data management NMD_Helge Sagen.pdf 13M
[   ]1300_3_Sea2Data – From data acquisition to advice_sjur Ringheim.pdf1.8M
[   ]1320_13-eurofleets-evior-schaap-inmartech-october2016 (1).pdf2.4M
[   ]1340_14_Towards the development of an overarching_Ned Dwyer.pdf1.8M
[   ]1400_2_New generation of data registration applications_Hans Victor Koch.pdf1.6M
[   ]1420_6_ Ship to shore communication_Gordon Furey.pdf356K
[   ]1440_10_Introduction to a shipboard web based geographic information system_Steven Hartz.pdf3.4M
[   ]1520_39_Any ocean, any data, any time the systems architecture and operation of HiSeasNet_Kevin Walsh.pdf 20M
[   ]1540_53_Web-based management of real-time marine scientific data_KevinCromer.pdf1.5M
[   ]1600_62_Ship to Shore Telepresence_Dwight Coleman.pdf6.8M
[   ]1620_63_Rolling deck to Repository_Robert Arko.pdf4.3M
[   ]1640_64_Design installation and performance of ICT and data systems on CSIRO RV Investigator_Hugh Barker.pdf2.2M