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[   ]1450_21_Session In situ Observation_ Jan Erik Stiansen.pdf5.5M
[   ]1510_7_RAIA Observatory - Galician meteorological and oceanographic coastal network A love-hate story_a Almecija.pdf2.4M
[   ]1530_29_The Lofoten-Vesterålen cabled observatory_Olav Rune Godø.pdf6.6M
[   ]1550_30_Ocean microstructure measurements from moored and autonomous platforms_Ilker Fer.pdf 10M
[   ]1610_57_UHDAS CODAS underway ADCP acquisition and processing_Julia Hummon.pdf263K
[   ]1630_66_Operational and technical update from the Galway Bay Marine and Renewable Test Site_Mark Wemyss.pdf4.7M